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Il sito web dell'associazione professionale delle infermiere e degli infermieri. Siete automaticamente membro se siete membro di SNS. Qui troverete molte altre informazioni, link a sezioni, associazioni professionali, informazioni sul lavoro all'estero, ecc.
In qualità di membro SNS beneficiate anche delle numerose offerte speciali per i membri SBK.

Il mondo svizzero delle cure infermieristiche si dà appuntamento ogni anno. Molte scuole sostengono la partecipazione degli studenti. Basta chiedere al vostro direttore.


SHAPED - short for the "Swiss Health Alliance for Interprofessional Education" is a students- and young-professional-based association, which aims to further interprofessional education (IPE) within the healthcare system in Switzerland. Our goal is to promote IPE in Switzerland and thereby strengthen collaboration in the healthcare sector. We are convinced that this is not only something future patients will profit from, but also a key factor that will lead to a more sustainable working atmosphere in healthcare institutions. To reach this goal, SHAPED creates opportunities for students and young professionals across all healthcare professions to improve their interprofessional skills and actively engage in interprofessional work and exchange.


psyCH is the umbrella association of Swiss psychology students, which means that psyCH represents and promotes the interests of students in psychology on a national level.


The Swiss Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (asep), represents over 1'000 pharmaceutical students from around Switzerland. Its vision is to connect and represent pharmaceutical students in Switzerland nationally and internationally and to provide them with an empowering platform for networking, interprofessional exchange and self-development and to therefore contribute to public health.


The Swiss Medical Students' Association (swimsa) is the voice of over 9'000 medical students from all over Switzerland. It commits itself to creating a sustainable, healthy society and motivates medical students through innovative engagement to become better doctors.


The European Nursing Student Association is a global association that represents all nursing students in Europe. Our aim is to expand our voice and fight for the rights of the students. We must as nursing students come together, learn from each other and work hand in hand, so that nursing education in Europe will improve and the future generation of nurses speak with one voice!